Friday, January 15, 2010



Close to my place are colorful homes in Venice Beach California.

Oil on lightly gessoed Moleskin. Thank you Dominique for the advice.

Unfinished work but will go out as is to Dana.

Happy travel!  My theme your local beautiful spot or whatever you decide.


  1. Lovely, Irit! Wish you could bottle some of that blue sky and warmth and send it east.

  2. Can't wait to get this you have a theme?

  3. Irit, I'm doing the same thing with gesso and oil...or acrylic (depending on how much time I have). Hey, you've started something interesting here, and now you have a few months to figure out what you are going to do to finish it...not a bad idea.

  4. I was wondering about painting in the moleskine and had thought about using canvas paper and applying it to a page, I had not considered gesso....something new to think about. Irit, after all the grey, cold Dallas weather we've been having, I love seeing your bright colors; a wonderful start and something to look forward to when it returns to you.

  5. Such a lovely sky and palms trees. Those colorful houses are already fabulous can't wait to see the final touches.

  6. I didn't know if gesso would warp the pages badly...that's one reason I used the Pitt Pens.
    Your painting is a beauty with the color!

  7. With the current weather, Irit, your painting is a breath of fresh air. It looks great...and I assume your theme is...warm & sunny, or colorful houses, or lovely Florida weather ...or a bit of all! :-)

  8. Hey guys,
    I was so happy to read all your comments this morning. That's the way to start my weekend.

    Thanks for all the comments its mean the world to me. What a wonderful group! I am so proud to be part of this.

    I do not have a theme feel free to paint what you are comfortable with .
    After 11 years in Santa Monica I realized that I can find so many ideas in my own neighborhood. Venice is next door to us. So I did this painting, unfinished painting, to give you some idea where do I live. .

    ****The idea to use light gesso,came from lady D.
    I have been using Blick's artist's acrylic gesso .Its just perfect for me since I am working with oil only.

    I cannot wait to see your work.
    I am mailing my book today, Dana.
    Have a great weekend, Irit

  9. I am a big sucker for any beach theme painting or especially one with palm trees. If I lived near a beach I would do nothing but paintings like that. Wonderful theme, Irit!

  10. Irit, I LOVE all of the feels like sunshine just looking at it!