Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Well it seems it is the consensus from most of us that ounce you receive your book please do not paint on the back of the work of someone else's pages. Use those pages to write about your experience or any-other thought or nothing at all.
We all have books / moleskins etc.. that have enough pages to accommodate the space between each painting.

February 15 will be our next  launch
( if Liz and Adebanji can mail a bit earlier great )


  1. Of course, I would be the exception. *sigh* I got a different kind of book where there is one page dedicated to each member. The pages are so thick , you don't have to worry about it bleeding to the next page.

  2. Sounds ok, Sheila!
    Dominique - Will do my utmost! James's book is due to arrive tomorrow. xo

  3. Sheila, I guess I'll see when it arrives what you mean. But the bleed-through possibility isn't the only reason not to have work back to back. I personally want to have the ability to carefully remove the artwork to be framed if I so choose (I wouldn't be surprised if I want to frame every single one of them). So it would be very sad to have to decide which piece got to show and which had to be trapped facing the wall :( I don't want to make that sad decision as I know I'll treasure all of your artwork! Will this be the case with yours? If so, maybe it's not too late to send on another one that won't have that problem?