Saturday, July 31, 2010

Gone Fishin'-Dean H.

Close ups

This is acrylic approx.5x8...on two pages.

This is for Michelle's book. The theme being favorite things...places...memories.
I used to spend more time than any human being should, trying to figure out and many times catching the great large mouth bass. Doing this painting revived many pleasant memories of being wrapped in nature-studying all her many moods and creatures. I feel the experience works it's way into my paintings.

Hope you like it, Michelle.

This and Dominique's book will be headed your way Vern!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

His Glory - Dominique Eichi

                                                   8  x  10  Oil

Well first off I have to admit I'm not very good with my own deadlines combined with my job makes for delays, so sorry for the late entry. It's on it's way-> to you Michelle.
This is for Dean's moleskins. I knew what I wanted to paint but to do it with out fear in someone else's book and in oil,  yikes !!
Hope you like Dean.
Isaiah 6:3  The whole earth is full of his glory

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Abstract Dreams for Dana

May You Soar

My dreams have been elusive lately, like shifting sand. A promise glimpsed of some distant, better future that dissolves when I try to understand its shape and content.  Fragments float, illuminated, forming landscapes both strange and somehow familiar. Echoes of joys remembered and not yet known.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Busy Rest

I'm finally posting this painting which I finished last night for Camille's book. Her theme was peace, but she'd indicated earlier that she'd like something from the photos I took in Germany last May. So what describes peace more than being able to sit safely on a crowded street, and text whatever you want, to whoever you want. Some of the best subject matter is derived from casual photos taken randomly under great lighting conditions.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

AFRO XXXI for Dominique

This is Tiffany for AFRO XXXI. Dominique had trees, pathways etc as her theme but I couldn't resist giving her an AFRO SERIES because when she came to London she told me that Tiffany's hair also qualifies a an Afro, I did my research and she was spot on!

This is not the usual smiling "TF" but a serious one posed by me because I always mess up teeth. So I got her to profile a serious look, so I could capture her hair and natural beauty.

This was done with Oil base pencil, graphite and Charcoal dust.

Once more, apologies for the lateness.

AFRO XXXII for Michelle

This is my daughter Kezia- Michelle had postcards as her theme and nothing stuck to my mind than giving you my dear little precious princess!

This piece was done with oil base pencil, graphite and charcoal dust.

My apologies for another round of sickening lateness.

Afternoon Siesta - Michelle Burnett

Afternoon Siesta
approx. 10"x8.5", oil on watercolor paper

Here is my contribution to Vern's sketchbook. Everyone had been painting European scenes so I was going to dig out some of my old photos to paint (pre-digital!) but then I came across this photo I took last summer at Universal Studios. Through the magic of is my faux European scene of a young man taking a break and texting on the phone.

Monday, July 12, 2010

"The Good Life on Santorini" Edward Burton

This for Angela whose theme is places. I thought I'd keep with the same theme as Vern had for Angela's book (dogs in other countries), so I used a photo I took when my wife and I were on the island of Santorini, Greece - it seemed like even the dogs enjoyed the beauty that surrounded them.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

James - 4 Places for Irit

I had Irit Bourla's Moleskin this month, and her theme is places. Places covers a lot of territory, especially if you consider Uranus and Neptune places. So I narrowed it down to places I've been. Nope...still too much. I settled for the four places I've lived and whipped up a little vignette of I'm hungry for boiled crawfish. This was fun and I hope she likes it.
P.S. I hope y'all don't mind me doing this, but I invite you to join me in the two-month "Pooch Portrait" exchange on Windows to the Words (click here). Should be a lot of fun.