Friday, June 25, 2010

Longhorn Lady

Sheila is collecting paintings of things we love, and I love cows! My brother and I stumbled upon this longhorn in Grand Coteau, LA several years ago. She was right beside the road eating grass, but not the grass on her side of the fence, instead she was eating the grass on the other side because, well, you know....

As we photographed her, she did not care to look at us, she was only interested in grazing. We stayed for a long time on the side of the road, at first taking pictures, and then, just silently watching this longhorn lady. We were mesmerized at how she moved and tilted her head in and out of the barbed wire fence, very much aware of the breadth of her horns and never once bumping or touching the fence. I'm glad the grass was definitely greener on the other side of the fence that day or else I would not have the opportunity to watch her very graceful movements, thank you Lady.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


8" X 10" oil on paper

In the colorful mosaic that makes up most cities are the homeless that are often overlooked and ignored as we go about our daily lives. I snapped this photo in San Francisco, noticing how this sleeping homeless man seemed to disappear against the graffiti filled wall as the young woman walked by seemingly unaware of the sleeping man.

My world is filled with color...color is a metaphor for the relationships I cherish along with my art.In contrast, this man's life seems to be colorless, that is why I chose to paint him in black and white.

This is for Adebanji Alade's "Flying Moleskin", with the theme being homelessness, hope you like it Adebanji!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Joe & Friends - Michelle Burnett

Joe & Friends
oil on gessoed paper

Here is my contribution to Edward Burton's sketchbook for his "music" theme. I choose a favorite local jazz musician, Joe McQueen, who just celebrated his 91st birthday and is still performing.  I would have like to have spent more time working on this, but it's deadline time!

To learn more about Joe McQueen and hear him tell his story click here. To see and hear him play click here.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Two for James from Edward Burton

These are for James Parker whose moleskin subject matter is wildlife. The dog at the beach is from a photo that I've been wanting to paint and the night heron if from a photo I took when my wife and I were in the beautiful city of San Antonio, Texas last year to pick up our dog, Beau. Sure would love to return to San Antonio someday.

Venice nights - DOMINIQUE EICHI

                               11 x 9    Oil      (on gessoed watercolor paper )

This is for Vern's Moleskins. Since he has been creating pictures from his trip to Germany I thought I would give him something from my trip to Italy. This is the only night scene I have of Venice and I had it to paint it one day. So here it is Vern you get my first oil in the moleskins.
( I guess this time I made it on my own deadline ... lol )

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Santa Monican Homeless by Irit

Oil paint on paper varnished 

I was taking this pic one Saturday during my morning walk.
On the wide front lawn at City Hall, dozens of homeless people gather in an orderly, patient line every Saturday morning for a modest meal, provided free by a church group and a small cadre of cheerful volunteers.
This is for you Adebanji, what a great idea, so close to our home/herats.
You can visit Adebanjis blog here:

Monday, June 7, 2010

James - Dana's Dreaming

Dana's Moleskin arrived and I was so delighted to see the marvelous entries in it... up close and personal!!!! Dana's theme is Dreams. I had two ideas in mind for my contribution to it. Decisions are a bummer. So I said to Pokey and TacoBelle... "Hey, Pups... Two Pages... Two Pictures" And here they are:

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Irit, this is my contribution for your moleskine and your topic, "something about your local area". I had several ideas for your book, and why I went with these rocks, I do not know! Without a doubt, this is my first and last attempt at painting rocks, whew!

Two times a year there is an art show held at Cottonwood Park, it is very well attended by families and their pets. Artists have water bowls out for pets and there is a tented area for the children to be creative and experience all types of art. Alongside the art, is a large creek where you can always find children climbing on the rocks and following the multiple paths the rocks create. I always look forward to attending the shows here, there's a large variety of art, lots of dogs to photograph, and great people watching.