Monday, January 4, 2010

GET READY ......SET.......DRAW

ouf.......... now that's out of the way . (I'm referring to deciding on a name for this blog)

I need to say how honored I am for all of you MEMBERS of
'the flying moleskins' to join me in this traveling painting adventure.

I have to explain myself a bit on the decision of starting this.
I noticed on my blog surfing time that there was sometimes mention of a sketchbook being passed around from artist to artist and was envious of their participation BUT wondered about who gets the book when finished.
That my friends is NOT something I can live with ( not wanting any serious ENVY in me )
So I decided what if we each had our own book ( O yea I can be happy with that ) would be great.
Since a year 1/2 ago a wonderful community of artist was formed from a now famous blog called Different Strokes From Different Folks created by Karin Jurick.
Well we commented, e-mailed, called and even visited each others during this time. I thought it quite normal to ask some of the original artist participating in DSFDF to join my little adventure.
So here we are 14 of us willing to draw, paint or whatever into each others moleskins.
I am so looking forward to this with you all.



  1. Fantastic, Dominique. I cannot wait for the launch date. And man, am I going to treasure that book when it finally comes back to me! :D

  2. This is so fun! Really looking forward to seeing everyone's books as they travel. And thanks for clarifying the history of moleskins, Dominique. interesting!

  3. Yes, I think that is one of the major benefits of this project is we get little pieces of each others hearts this way.

  4. Thank you, Dominique! This is going to be a lot of fun. (BTW...I also love your new profile photo.)

  5. This is going to be so much fun! Thanks for organizing and setting this all up Dominique...we will all end up with a wonderful treasure...lucky us!!

  6. New moleskin book - check!

    Official blogspot address - check!

    Thank you, Dominique - check!

    Time to draw - check!