Friday, October 1, 2010

Crazy About Shoes

My contribution to Irit Bourla's moleskin book is a response to her shoe problem...ha! Irit seems to love shoes, so I thought I'd indulge her with this painting. One of the figures in this painting is Rose, who also loves shoes, and here she is "sight seeing" in Germany. (Hint, she's the granny on the left). They do have some amazing shoes there. Rose bought those spikey red ones.
oil on paper 11 1/2" x 8"


  1. You are so cleaver Vern. This is perfect for a shoe fetish person. I'm sure Irit will love it.
    I so appreciate the sense of humor you bring to each piece you make.
    I love each one.
    I see the red pair in the window ... woo..hoo ! good taste Rose !

  2. Another fine piece, Vern. Wonderful composition.

  3. Super job on this one, Vern! Very Karin Jurick of our heroes.
    I like the shoe concept and the fact that you have included Rose into it.

  4. What a great and fun and perfect piece, Vern.
    I am LOL.
    If I will look good I think I can find some red shoes in my closet.Good taste Rose.Okay I found only my red UGGs ready for the Californian winter next to the yellow and brown UGGs.
    You made my day Vern thanks so very much.
    I just love love love this piece.

  5. These wonderful little slice of life street scenes that you do are amazing Vern! I love the narrative that goes on with each one and how you personalize them too.

  6. Another beautiful painting in your signature palette, outstanding! With all those sensible European shoes, I'm glad to learn that Rose selected the non-sensible ones, smart lady.

  7. I'm enjoying that it is a more close-up scene than you are more likely to do. Your figures are so solid and well rendered and the palette here is Vern all over but it has some really nice subtle little touches that I feel are a tiny departure for you (some pink? :) -- and I like 'em a lot. But then I always like what you paint!

  8. What could be better than shoe shopping. Fantastic work, Vern. Am really enjoying traveling vicariously.

  9. Lovely Colours, there are some nice warm greys here!Lovely piece!