Monday, September 20, 2010

To Dean: The Promise of a New Day

The Promise of A New Day

My favorite time of the day is sunrise. There is this quiet, yet powerful and glorious beauty to greet you and start your day. The world is still and the hustle has not started yet. It's a wonderful time to reflect on what the day has in store.

I took the reference photo from my cell phone one morning last year and have always wanted to paint it.  It's a little sketchy (must paint more often!) but it felt nice to get back into the swing of things. My apologies to Dean and thanks to all of you for your patience!  (It's headed your way Camille!)


  1. What a soothing painting and who doesn't love a beautiful sunrise. Nice work, Michelle and I look forward to seeing it soon. Just send it parcel post, that's fine. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful piece Michelle, and to think you got this on your cell phone...great work!

  3. Michelle , your sky is so good.
    I love that hint of red/rose in there.
    I'm looking forward to seeing this in person.

  4. What a beautiful sunrise.Amazing colors!
    This should be a postcard.
    Well done.

  5. Wow! No apologies needed for this one, Michelle!
    In case you didn't know it, sunrise is my favorite time of day!! I make it a practice to walk out onto my backyard patio at daybreak each day. There, I face the new day awakening in the East and thank the Lord for allowing me to see another glorious day of His matter what the weather, it's still a glorious day.
    So you see, this painting is perfect and very well done! Thank you!!

  6. Amazing sunrise, Michelle. Stunning!

  7. Peaceful and serene, wonderful, Michelle!

  8. Beautiful sky colours Michelle. I love the power of your sun as it rises.

  9. Excellent Rendition of sunrise!