Friday, September 24, 2010

"End Of The Day" For Camille

I had 3 books this month. All 3 are going out to Dana....sorry!
 This one is for Camille.
"End of the day" a face without details but the body language say it all.
I hope you like it Camille.
Please visit her blog : Camille


  1. I love the large blocks of color in your painting, very nice. Oh goodness, can I relate to that posture at the end of the day, much less the end of the week!

  2. I'm in that pose right now !!!
    TGIF yea !
    You have a great way with those colors Irit.

  3. Irit, this is so Very much me at the end of the day, how did you know?! I guess it is all of us at that time of day. It is wonderful and I thank you so much!

  4. oh, I know that feeling, and sometimes look this way very early in the day!
    great work, Irit.

  5. Nice job Irit, I think you captured what so many of us feel like at times!

  6. Snuggle down, all warm and fuzzy! Great color, Irit!

  7. Great colours and a nice flow to the composition.

  8. A very nice mood you created, Irit.