Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Outside My Window--From Dean For Irit

Close up
This is acrylic in Irit's moleskin. I also tossed in a little line work in ink.

Irit chose local places as her theme. I must confess my favorite local places are my back yard and my house. There I feel most comfortable and connected to art work.
This spring I bought a camera with a great zoom capability. Birds , unsuspecting people and their pets are all fair game to the lens. This fella was walking his mini pinscher across the street outside my kitchen window.

I hope you like it, Irit!

Get ready for some moleskins, Vern, my friend.


  1. My dear Dean,
    I cannot ask for more.Thanks to the new camera, and you, I got this beautiful piece in my book.
    Cannot wait to see it in person.
    Thanks again, Irit

  2. I really like this jaunty little pup! Great work.

  3. "Unsuspecting people", that totally cracks me up! This little dog's posture is all about confidence and owning his owner and you've accomplished that feeling with strong brushstrokes and wonderful bold lines. Well done, Dean!

  4. Dean, love this's got some great movement and colour. I've been away so much that I only just got Michelle and Dominique's books ready for painting this morning. Fortunately, I know what I want to do in both, but will be away again next week. Hopefully I'll get one done today.

  5. Dean, I have painted a few dogs and I must say this one is rock solid. There are so many small details to get just right, proportionally and value-wise so it reads true, and this dog has got truth written all over him. VERY well done, and I like the rather portly owner and loose fabric in contrast to his shiny muscular form. Nice!

  6. Great job, Dean. I love the character of this little fellow.