Saturday, January 1, 2011

Yearbook by Dana Cooper

Each image is 2-1/4" X 1-3/4"

In the last year, 13 artists have participated in The Flying Moleskin project by painting and drawing in each others moleskin books. I was the lucky one to get to paint the last painting in Dominque Eichi's book. Dominque was the organizer and cheerleader for the group. I wanted to do a little caricature painting of each of the artists that participated in this fun event for my final submission. So with a little sleuthing through Facebook and blogs, I was able to find reference photos for each of these artists.

To my fellow moleskinners, I realize that you are all younger, thinner, and much better looking than I characterized each of you...I know I am! :)


  1. Oh, Dana! You are good! Great idea, and perfect way to cap off Dominique's great project. This is fantastic.
    Happy New Year!!

  2. Very cool piece Dana. I love the idea, and the likenesses you achieved on such a small scale. Dominique will be thrilled with the beautiful portraits of all that participated.

    Happy New Year to you, and the rest of the crew.

  3. What a perfect collection of all of My favorite artists !
    Thank you Dana for doing such a finale in my book and for tirelessly creating artwork that blew us all out of the water every time you posted.
    I love your work even more now for I've seen a few up close and the pictures on the blogs never do it justice.
    This is such a PERFECT NEW YEAR POST !
    Many blessing to you and ALL

  4. These are fantastic, Dana! What a wonderful idea. Happy New Year to all of my blogging buddies!

  5. Any artist that paints me thinner and wrinkle free gets to move to the head of the class! I love this concept, what a wonderful idea for Dominique's book - you are a clever one, Dana. This last year has been so much fun getting to know each of you, sharing and growing as artists and friends. Happy New Year to each of you!

  6. What a great idea. You are the best .Always with the brilliant ideas.
    What a great finaleh.You should get an award #1 post of the Moleskin book.
    Happy new year to you and yours.

  7. Dana, what incredible generosity you show by doing something like this. Not to mention that they are all so varied and interesting -- I like that little sideways glance you gave me, haha. Leave it to you to go so above and beyond for Dominique! Happy New Year to you and all our bunch!

  8. You always have the knack to amaze, Dana! Excellent likenesses!
    I wish all of my Blogging friends a healthy and happy New Year!

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  10. Wonderful mini Portraits of us all! Great! Well done Dana!

  11. Incredible work and lots of fun, Dana! You always come up with great ideas. I get the award for best post! :)

  12. Dana, this is a knockout...all across the board....absolutely fantastic.