Wednesday, November 3, 2010

James - The Birth of "Rock" Music & 3 Faves

If authors can have "Writer's Block", then artists can probably get "Paint Blahs" or something. I've been absent a while and I explained it sort of on my current blog on James Parker Art.
I'm sorry....I found both Ed and Vern's Journal staring at me, and woke up and started in motion again. Ed's theme is music...artists, images, ...anything to do with music. Going back a few eons, I have depicted the birth of "rock"music with the band "The Rolling Fossils" performing "The Wooly Mammoth Stomp". This was illustrated just moments before a real wooly mammoth came along and did, indeed, stomp them into fossils.

On the second page of Ed's Journal I did crude attempts at three of my favorite artists, The Moody Blues, Yanni, and Enya. And my apologies to all three of them.


  1. Oh James you are amazing!!!!!
    What a gift!
    I Love it because it brings smile to my face.
    Well done.

  2. Yea, James! Good to see you back, and in full artistic humor. always a pleasure to see your work, and your great wit. Bravo! Tried calling you today to say hi, but the electronic voice said your mailbox was full. So "hi"!!

  3. Paint -historic paintings..... love them both. Now I can understand why you don't answer your phone you're working a lot.
    I'm so glad those wheels.. I mean those brushes are back to creating fantastic work like these.
    I was getting ready to sending a posse.
    HI HO Silver/James is is riding again (gosh that dates Me !)

  4. These are WONDERFUL, James - thank you! Ha-ha, love the singing dinosaurs! Great portraits as well!

  5. Goodness James, stay away from that nasty plant that hurt your eyes or better yet, perhaps you need to wear protective goggles! Love both of these paintings, a wonderful contribution to Edward's book. Dean's book should be dry enough in about a week or so for mailing...get your painting fingers ready.

  6. Lovin' these new pieces James. So good to see you back.

  7. The frogs are my favorite part but I like all of it! You like nice soothing music I see... good stuff there (I'm hearing Orinoco Flow...)
    Very nice, James!

  8. The 1st page is a hoot, James! I believe the first recording studio was in Fred's hometown of Bedrock.

    Great color choices on the Moody Blues.

  9. Another great fun piece, James! You really work hard on the details too, well-done!