Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Next Launch March 12

Well that's it were rolling, excuse me, FLYING. I am so proud of everyone.
Each piece, each theme has it's unique qualities all very powerful and beautiful.
Adebanji has already received extra artwork to be added to his book on his theme of Homelessness and Poverty from an artist friend of his. Check it out here
Ounce finished these will all be wonderful and full of memories.
I hope we all receive the moleskins without any problems due to snow storms.
I look forward to the next set of posts. Blessings to all.


  1. This project is such fun to follow! A great group of artists, for sure! I look forward to each post.

  2. Thank you Linda..... spread the word

  3. I have a question. When people finish early and mail them on right after, is this a problem, and/or should we all wait for the "launch date" so we stay more on schedule? I realize an exception should be for those who are mailing longer distances such as to Adebanji. Just askin'...

  4. If your finished mail it if you want the deadline is just the target point to have mailed at that time. Don't forget to post it before.